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Race Boot Recommendations


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Mmm, aquired my first Cat at the weekend and discovered that I don't own any footware that doesn't hamper pedal operation. Is there a favoured pixie boot for Caterham drivers? I'd want something that was also suitable for wandering around in as well, although I accept the fact that they're not designed for hiking! Preferred price range 50-70 quid.





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Sorry I should have explained a bit more, I have looked at Demon tweeks and Merlin Motorsport sites but I need the boots before Friday so I'm going to have to buy blind. Just wondered if there was a preferred boot.



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I have taken to driving barefoot - took a bit of getting used to at first, but now I find that I get better feel, especially when heel-and-toeing, and I _never_ snag other pedals. If I wear shoes to drive the 7 now I find them awkward by comparison. Plus bare feet cost £0, are more comfortable and it's a lot cooler!


Not allowed on the track, however, AFAIK....


First Man.

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GPR can take a while to deliver. If you want them fast, phone Dave Kimberley at Demon Tweeks and tell him you need them fast.


I use OMP - the cheapest ones. Seem ok although the soles are a little to thin for my liking.


Alex Wong




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I use the high topped No Fear branded items - at £120 not the cheapest around, but certainly one of the most comfortable in my opinion.


Virtually non stop (except for 2 fuel stops) all the way from Paris to Chester - no sore feet, no smelly feet, no hot feet. You get the picture.





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Forget the race boots, be different and go for the suede slippers like mine and a certain other person in the 7 club!

Strange thing, I wore mine all weekend at Le Mans and nobody took the p**s once. Maybe they didn't notice or were just being kind to an old man.


Brent teeth.gif




Edited by - brent chiswick on 2 Jul 2002 22:42:34

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Frankly anything you can fit your feet into that feels comfortable, i can only find that i fit into the Diadora karting boots as i have quite large feet size 12.5 (47), therefore only companies like this one go to this size!


C7 PWT X-Flow all Steel

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Thanks everybody. So far the voting is:


Sparco Elites = 5

Momo Corsa = 3

Puma Roma = 2

Sparco Kart = 1

Diadora Kart = 1

OMP = 1

No Fear = 1

Slippers = 1

Bare Feet = 1


So at the moment it looks like the Elites, although I may pop into town tomorrow and see if I can find the Pumas just to try.



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