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Apollo return valve parts list


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Apologies for reposting this - a while ago I asked if someone had a parts list for this job - ie fitting a one way valve in the air breather pipe and someone kindly replied with a comprehensive listing of bits n pieces I needed. Only problem is I have just spent over an hour trying to search the archives to find it ! - I tried asking Think Auto but they only supply the parts and don't have a kit. Can anyone help ?


If someone also has a list of bits for the laminova heat exchanger that would also be kind. I am doind a few track days and this looks like a good way to keep oil temps down. Can someone reassure me that it doesn't affect the oil pressure ? (I realise the Apolloa loses a bit already)


Thanks !

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The parts you need are as follows. You need one of each.

Product code Product Description






You might want to ask for a small valve as I got a rather large one which has the same part number but it less discrete.


Enjoy, BC


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Re one-way valve, search on "CVF7-4" (the P/N of the valve).


Re Laminova, the parts you need are (Apollo assumed):

C43-18078-M32 (oil cooler)

HEFSW3-8 (swaged hose)

HEF97-8 (90-deg elbow for output hose)

100R6-8 (hose to Apollo)

CT1-380 (cable tie)

MFS97-8 (union)

MFS0-8 (union)


Talk to Matthew Potter at Think Automotive. He'll know exactly what you need.


Re oil pressure, the Apollo drops it by about 0.25bar, and the Laminova by about 0.5bar (0.75 bar all in). This doesn't seem to have any adverse effect. I've done energetic trackdays at Brands and Donington with no adverse effects, just beautifully stable oil temps!





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You bolt the NRV directly onto the side of the cam cover and then attach the breather hose to it with a new fitting. It requires a little grinding of the inside of the cam cover to get the large nut to fit but seams to work well.


I've never seen any lag in oil pressure build up compared to before the appollo tank was fitted. I just cant bring myself to dump all the oil out to change it without refilling the the Appollo tank too. Under cold cranking the tank was taking ages to fill up with fresh oil. I stopped filled the tank through the top vent boss with a small funnel. Fiddly but I do have this preference for having oil pressure on cold starts. I know race cars dont fit Accusumps for nothing!!


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You bolt the NRV directly onto the side of the cam cover...

Alternatively, you could do what I did and insert the NRV in the air hose. This saves having to open up the hole in the cam cover, but is a more expensive option. I got Think Auto to make up a hose for me (basically, it's the standard hose, cut about 2/3 the way along, and then fitted with unions for the valve).


For info, the parts were:


HETSSF7-4-3 (2 required)

E332-3 (2 required)

TFE3 (hose)


Matthew Potter will know what you want. If there's any doubt, refer them to Invoice 175764.





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  • Area Representative

Thanks John/Bob


Is it a good idea to crank the engine with the imobiliser on for a few seconds ? This would help build the oil pressure before starting.




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With the NRV fitted it will build up pressure instantly in normal use so you dont need to crank it.


Its only on first start up post installation (or oil change) when the system needs priming. Unfortunately the Appollo tank holds a lot of oil and it would take several minutes of cranking to fill it up as the oil pump only delivers less than a litre/min under cranking. I just unscrewed the top connection, filled the Appollo manually, refitted the top fitting, cranked to get oil pressure (a couple of seconds) and started. Its a bit of a faff but definetly the safest way to did it.



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Thanks for the help on this one. Got the valve from think auto on Saturday and fitted it in half an hour - really very simple - just cut the bleed pipe in half, fitted a new end to each half and the non return valve in the middle. I zip tied the valve to the top hose to avoid it moving around. All in all a very neat solution and it certainly works - instant oil pressure.



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