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Grease and oil advice

Colin Grundy

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having made a trip to Halfords to pick up various bits and bobs for my forthcoming build, I was amazed at the various different types of oils and greases that were on display.

Can someone advise me on the correct type of grease to buy and also what type of oil do you put in trunnions etc. Also they dont appear to stock copperslip. Is this marketed under another name or is there a specialist supplier out there somewhere.

Thanks in anticipation.



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The EP90 grade oil normally used in the back axle is OK for front trunnions.


Castrol LM is a universal grease suitable for things like Prop Shaft UJs.


Halfords do a Coppaslip equivalent - I'm not sure what its called - but I use it and it does all the same things. (Stops bolts seizing, stops brakes squealing, stops alloy wheels sticking to steel hubs). The tin is black I think.


have fun



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You will find it harder and harder to buy ep90 or ep80 oil as it is mainly now sold as 80/90 oil as it is now a multi grade but will still do your g/box and trunions.


The other stuff is called simply copper slip, copper grease or copper ease.


Advice is to go to a local small spares retailer as they have more product knowledge than the cresh held at Halfrauds.



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