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Contacting Cadence

Warren S Smith

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Hello all smile.gif


E-mails are forwarded through the webhost and their system went into freefall at the end of last week sad.gif

All up and running again and webhost pass on multitudinous apologies for anyone who has been inconvenienced. Sorry, we rely on IT's to do the techy bits as we're driving people cool.gif


Jam, e-mails are now back on but if you were having difficulty, you should have contacted me via my alter ego wink.gif


Bruce, your certificate was sent to the insurers some while ago..... your insurance is up, running and hunky dory.... for the black bits of course smile.gif


Tam, thanks for your comments. The grief is now over, hopefully. We've all come to rely so much on an instant response to our needs that when it fails, all hell lets loose when we don't get what it says on the tin sad.gif We are always contactable through good old-fashioned telehone lines on 01777 228 997 which features at the end of the monthly articles in LowFlying and there are a fair few people around, e.g. ECR (aka Roger Swift), his wonderful other half Barbara, and of course Mr LF himself, Roger Green who can help contact us if this ever happens again.


Hugh and I are away from the office as from tomorrow afternoon for a few days in France, testing Bordeaux wines on behalf of Blatchatters who like a little of the vin rouge after a good blat thumbsup.gif The office will be operational - James will be your contact.


Warren, following our conversation this morning, (thanks to all who pointed him back in our direction,) we look forward to the planned weekend in Spain later in the year, meeting you and the other Spanish Club members for an entertaining and hopefully inspiring few days of challenging roads and great company biggrin.gif We'll be in touch ...




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