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1.6l K Strange Problem


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hello evrybody...


I'm french and i have a Seven 1.6L K 115 cv (1999) with a stange probleme :


During a few kilometers (5-20 km) the engine seems to run on 3 cylinders, it stumbles and there is loss of power, which could be gone under hard mode, operation non stable etc... then gradually it settles as if nothing were. In general it takes hot driving but I already had it twice WHILE driving cold.


I also notice that when this phenomenon arrives, I have backfires on the exhaust level at the time of "desacceleration. " Other note: nothing happens on motorway ,or in quiet CRUISE . I think that my problem can come from 3 causes...


1 Residues, waste in the gasoline tank or the filter which moves from time to time to gasoline feed.


2 air Intake (some share) in the line (of arrived) of gasoline fedd ?


3 Problem of injection: Defective sensor, injector stopped or defective what would explain the backfires because OF bad combustion


Please, help me because I'm Worry

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I agree with previous post.

I would change the plugs and HT leads.

It appears that there is a pattern to the fault and it is affecting one cylinder so it is unlikely to be dirt in fuel which would be a random event. but it could be an injector.

Check the cables and plugs to injectors and the security of the flywheel position sensor

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>>>> and the security of the flywheel position sensor


heu, what is it, this sensor ?


>>> 10 minutes on an engine analyser would tell you what is wrong....


I have a meeting on ROVER-MG the next week

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