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Evolution and se7ening


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After a few years of ownership my body has evolved to cope with the rigours of piloting a Se7en. Mainly my left leg can be held in one position for long periods without going to sleep, my neck has stretched and can now turn through 270 degrees and my bum no longer aches if I sit on hard surfaces for prolonged periods.

Has anybody experienced change due to Se7ening???


Deeps smile.gif

Deep down you know it makes sense.idea.gif

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left pectoral muscle restructuring, due to nature of first gear on my car, also I now have the ability to squeeze through very small gaps mainly due to getting in or out with the hood up and trying to look under the car when I can't be bothered to jack it up. - I'm also going deaf in my left ear, can't think why?
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I think I am getting a hairy left cheek!

My hair is slowly migrating away from my right temple.


Its just *Lets not takes the side screens* sounds so reasonable when you are in the garage.





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That is the advantage that us motorcyclists have - we are used to discomfort and contortionismquestion.gif. I find the Se7en extremely comfortable and relaxing to drive.


Steve B

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I can poke neeedles in my eyes with out blinking

ohh and get bugs out of my teeth, with out floss


Bruce id=purple> , Self Drive ROLLER COASTER id=purple> Owner cool.gif (R300 FUN)id=purple>

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I have developed legs that bend in unfeasible directions to enable getting into se7en with a suit skirt on (the joys of a se7en as only car!) blush.gif


Also share others' experience of eyes that cope with remarkable amount of grit/dirt/sand/oil in them. Short enough to avoid the bugs in teeth though (at least until we get aeroscreens) teeth.gif



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I will be gaining all the muscle tone and suppleness needed for quick (and dignified, if possible) full roll cage entry and exit.


I will let you know how it goes.

First trials on a friends car and 10 ins/out would equal a session down the gym!



My racing pics hereid=red>

Hants (North) and Berkshire area club site



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