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Sunday's F1 Grand Prix

dan mackman

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Going, but not in 7. It's not worth the extra cost on the campsite, as they charge per vehicle. Plus the fact that a) it'll p1ss it down all weekend (July in England remember!!) b) it'll be left unattended most of the time and c) there'll be little or no chance to drive it coz it'll be raining or there'll be gridlock for miles and miles or I will be drinking vast amounts of beer, gin, red wine and Remy (mainly the latter!!!!)


Camping (?) on Litchlake, where are you?





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ooooh - you lucky buggers. I'll be in the Dordogne, on our Bordeaux Blat wine tasting and (assuming no tasting) enjoying the wonderful French roads in our car. Tessa says she will record it for me.



Although we will both be at Goodwood for 3 days the following weekend, watching the same cars and more, but standing only about 3m away!

By the way, anyone going to Goodwood, watch out for the Design Acumen downhill racer. Thats the design company I work for, and the safety belts holding our Nige in as he rounds Molecomb at 60mph come from PC's Caterham, so there is a link.

teeth.gif21,000 miles in less than a year! cool.gifthumbsup.gif


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I'll be going on friday in my Citroen Xantia with caravan on the back

i like my comfort, see you all at Litchlake then ?

one question though,

with all the new roads is the site entrance in the same place ?

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Going today in the RV with SJ (see above) - RV is a Gulfstream SunVoyager if anybody wants to look us up.


We will be on Litchlake until Monday next. Usually pitch near the top right hand corner of the first field.


Apparently the entrance to Litchlake is in the same place, but you have to drive beyond it on the new road, and double back at a new roundabout a few hundred metres further on.






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Crimson Citroen Xantia with a yellow Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games sticker in the back window, and a tiny blatchat sticker top centre of the windscreen behind the mirror mount,

We will have 3 caravans and 3 cars arranged in a rectangular defensive position (got to keep those germans out) to form a private BBQ area/garden teeth.gif

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