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Anodising vs Powder Coating

Harry Flatters

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I am thinking of having some billet centres made for my 3 piece wheels and wondered whether there are any strong views on anodising vs powder coating.


From an aesthetic point of view, the colour choice is far wider with powder coating but anodising probably provides a 'sharper' finish.


Are there any other considerations like longevity, colour fastness etc that should be considered?


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Annodised colours (other than silver or black) tend to fade slightly when exposed to uv. Epoxy powder coating (as opposed to polyester powder for instance) tends to chalk with age.

Annodising can't flake off, powder coating can (if improperly applied)


Some alloys are better than others for annodising so check with an annodiser as to suitability before going that route


Some alloys are better than others to annodise so check what material the centres are from and ask an annodiser before deciding


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You specifically need to have the right material if you want the centres hard anodized. Cosmetic anodizing can be applied to a wider variety of materials. The powder coating may be an issue in the bolt holes and you may initiate flaking here.



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