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Track day Car

N Milton

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I'm a returning expat who's been working in Madrid, alongside Warren Smith who's "constantly" been singing the praises of these cars. I also attended part the Catherham event to Northern Spain last year with wife and son. Now that I'm back, I'm considering a purchasing car with my brother, principally for track days or maybe racing. Appreciate the enthusiasts thoughts on: a) preferred specs, b) typical race fees & maintenance and c) Availability. i.e. are these events over subscribed.


Thanks, Neil

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i have a seven for sale if you are interested? Dan 0044 1283 791711 or mobile 0044 7899 668828


Its a 1600 Vauxhall in immaculate condition with lots of bits and bobs to boot inclunding tall FIA roll bar and cross member that runs to the passeneger foot well (removable),fire extinguisher, full weather gear, extra full car cover, wheel clamp etc. Its only and R reg with 10500 on the clock (used only on the road) - serviced by Noble motorsport last week, 11 months MOT 5 months Tax, built by Caterham Midlands, 1 preious owner and it is an amazing colour - Honda Imola Gold (metalic), cycle wings, full build manual and rolling road performance results etc. Well worth a look at - £10500


Honda Imola Gold with cycle wings id=orange>

1600 Vauxhall currently for sale! id=blue> 07899 668828 id=green>



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If you know you want to get into racing at a later date its probably best to buy a trackday car that will easily fit into a race series.


Racing cateogories in UK for Caterhams:

Academy - £15 for a brand-new 110bhp car (with build and extras getting close to £20k) - must have never have held a racing licence, includes racing licence, 2 hillclimbs, 2 sprints and 4 races. You could get a space for 2003 - its not as popular as it once was.

Graduates - for ex-Scholarship cars (100bhp live-axle). Cars cost between £7 and £11k secondhand. Very low running costs. Very popular but we will always make sure everybody gets a race. Tech support provided (as with Super-Grads) to repair any problems/damage at the track. www.graduates.org.uk

Super-Graduates - for 135bhp Dedion cars (also a class for ex-Academy 110bhp cars). Around £15k secondhand? Slightly higher running costs than Graduates because of sticky tyres.

Roadsports "B" for ex-Acamdey cars - similar to Super-Grads for price and running costs

Roadsports "A" and Superlight - getting into serious money (especially Superlights). Professional team run cars usually.

750MC - most Caterham 7s will fit into a class somewhere but you'll probably need to spend "some" money to be competitive in class.


Typical race fees £120 - £150 per race (750MC cheapest, followed by Graduates, following by Roadsports). Also club membership fees, licence, protective clothing.

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If track days and (possible) racing are what you are buying for, then Bike-Engined-variants are the obvious answer.

Significant weight advantages, and thus PWR advantages. Sequential manual gearbox, 12,500 reline, F1 soundtrack, easy maintainence/repair/replacement/upgrade....and cheaper road tax into the bargain!!

Go for a Fireblade and it will be virtually bombproof too whilst still providing 300-350 bhp/tonne, and although larger engines up that even further, they are less reliable unless another £1500+ is spent on dry sumping - but then you would probably dry sump a trach day biased car engined 7 anyway.


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We have a car that you can rent for both track day and a race as a one-off or a full season. This might be a good idea to 'try before you buy'. The car is a Caterham Roadsport 'A' 1600 K series, 6 speed box, 135 bhp. email:rocky.racing@virgin.net for availability, prices or just a chat.



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There is at least one other race series in the UK which most people seem to forget about, the Jaguar Car Club Centurian Challenge. This race is for road going sportscars and these days is a Caterham vs Westfield event. The race entry fees are £250 for one driver or £270 for two drivers sharing, the races last for 100 miles (approx 1hr 15 mins with 30 mins of practice) and so are therefore better value than the 750MC (15 minutes race and practice for £150).


Most/all specs of Caterham and Westfield are catered for.


For the regs. etc, contact WWW.j-c-c.org.uk

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Don't forget the Credit Professionals Sports Car Championship at Lydden either. We have a mixture of 7's {Lol P, Merrcick L, Gary P, Steve F., Simon R, John H etc] mixed with other sports cars {Sylva, MGB, the odd Ferrari or Porsche, Midget, Jade Clan etc].

Good clean racing for £120 per race. Next meeting Sunday 14th July at Lydden.

Come and watch if you're around.


(Now a 7 owner)

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