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El Camino de Santiago Countdown

Warren S Smith

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This tour looks absolutely top banana. Unfortunately this year is "house move" year so no tours are planned, however I'd certainly like to join in if the tours continue in future.


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4 weeks.......


I'm getting excited, and the good lady is getting worried. I sold the idea of the trip to her by mentioning it included two mini-cruises, and that I had bought a 'luggage rack' for the car. However, she seems to be getting wise to my spin, and so I feel Monday 12th can't come soon enough.


Alan (and Theresa & her suitcase)

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Top Hose

If your good lady wants some reassurance, e-mail me off line, and I'll get SWMBO to phone her.

Be aware though, that two of the ladies last year suffered from the heat to the extent of having to travel for a while in an air conditioned tin top. Be prepared!

Otherwise, this is Sevening at its best - good company and dry, fast, traffic-free roads through dramatic scenery.

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Having seen your penultimate thread, I am concerned that after having requested that we close the entire thread you have re-posted.


The little medical knowledge which I have tells me that you could be displaying early symptoms of pre-blatinspaininteritis. For this illness there is only one suitable treatment.


For your health and well-being, I would ask your doctor to prescribe the following tablets. They are not cheap but will provide temporary respite. I believe they are called eviritefoot. They should only be taken in warm dry climates, over the course of one week, lightly diluted in a red wine solution and accompanied with plenty of food.


By pure coincidence, I know of a clinic in Spain which you you might want to attend. I believe it is called Clinica Santiago or something similar. Their telephone number is 28 22 21 11 but is changing every second.


Good luck!



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I've just come back from a tour of the Picos de Europa in the repmobile. I can confirm that the scenery is stunning, the petrol is cheap (60p for 98 spuerunleaded) the road surfaces are generally excellent and even better - the roads are largely empty. You lucky people.

Get up early and take the first cable car up the mountain at Fuente De for the chance of a really spectacular morning views.

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The weather here in Britain is grotty at the moment, so we are all looking forward to Spanish sun. However, I've just spent the weekend in the Gulf, and reminded myself that 40+ is not fun. So somewhere in between would be nice, if you can arrange it please. No rain, no Gatsos, no other traffic and plenty of bends would be nice too.

Glad to hear that Natalie is firing on all cylinders again.


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