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IP Logged?


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Barry's been tinkering.

So far I've spotted

IP Logged tag on all posts

New font

New post marker is no longer red, but dark blue (I think)

The link for FAQ now says Faq/smilies

I think the site has had a bit of a makeover........


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Maybe it's to let those who write naughty things know that Big Barry is Wotching blush.gif


OOI, I wonder what happens to this ickle writing if it's put into "code" brackets .....

 I need a magnifying glass for Christmas

.... aah, just changes the font then confused.gif



Surley the IP address of every post is logged?


We*s*f*e*d is no longer censored either wink.gif


FH teeth.gif


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I much prefer this, looks far less clunky. Still, making it all default Office colours would be the ultimate stealth upgrade for those of us who browse when we should be working. I think VBB gives the option for users to specify alternative colour schemes, doesn't it?


Edited by - Ian Kellar on 1 Jul 2002 09:15:47

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you should work fron home then! unless they have installed cctv in my house!?! Hello? whats that faint buzzing noise? oh yes i drove my seven yesterday.


Honda Imola Gold with cycle wings id=orange>

1600 Vauxhall currently for sale! id=blue> 07899 668828 id=green>



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I like the new font. I take it the 'IP logged' ststement is just letting us know what the site is doing. Being a dumb nuts on tech issues like this, could a post ever be made without the IP being logged?


I must search the archive as I am interested in looking into broadband. Is that faster than my home highway?

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Mornin' Peter smile.gif


Being an IT Luddite, me not know much, but I thought Big Barry has always had the capacity to work out who is hiding behind a nom de guerre tongue.gif



Full Harness (sans moustaches) wink.gif




Edited by - fullharness on 1 Jul 2002 10:56:40

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IP logging only works up to a point, in that the same address may be used by lots of different people.



For those that dont know what IP addresses are, they are a unique number (a bit like a phone number) that identifies your computer on a network - right now mine is (go to http://www.junkbusters.com/cgi-bin/privacy if you want to know yours.


For example, if you use a dial-up ISP (eg BT internet, Virgin etc etc) the service provider will usually re-use IP addresses as they become free (there are some exceptions which I'll cover in a minute). This means that the actual user could only be identified if you could persuade the ISP to tell you the identity of the person using a particular address at the precise date and time. Needless to say the ISPs are unlikely to disclose this without a good reason.


Also if you are behind a corporate firewall (as I am at the moment), lots of users may share a single IP address. Again, if the firewall keeps detailed logs the company could identify the person responsible, but again they probably wont without a good reason.


The people who might be identified by IP logging are those whose IP address doesnt change. Demon Internet is one of the few ISPs who provide a static address, ie one that belongs to you and you alone. Even then you'd still probably have to ask them who the address belongs to as they usually keep that informatio to themselves.


The people lucky enough to have ADSL (please BT when will I get it.....) may find they have static addresses as well especially if they keep connected the whole time.


Some corporate connections allocate a unique address to each internal PC as is connects externally, but the majority follow the 'one address shared by everyone' approach described above.


Anyone with a private or small business and who has a leased line will also have a static address.


If you want to do some digging and find out who an address belongs to there are some handy tools at http://www.samspade.org/ and http://www.demon.net/external/. BTW these are all perfectly legitimate and make use of the publically available resources on the internet. To try it, follow the samspade.org link and put your ip address (or mine if you like) into the 'do stuff' box and you will see who owns that address.





P8MRA - The greenid=green> one with redid=red> wings




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Edited by - Nick Woods on 1 Jul 2002 11:34:41

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Simon , Rob G is right, some providers will change ip addresses between connections and in the early days (maybe true now but i dont know) would change it during the session.


captain chaos - I missed your earlier question.


Yes, if by broadband you mean ADSL it will be quicker than home highway. The long answer follows.


Home highway is basically ISDN for residential use and gives you 2 64Kb lines which you can amalgamate into a single 128Kb line if your ISP allows it. (for the pedantic there is a third 16K channel which can be used but isnt usually in the UK)


ADSL starts at 512Kb downstream (ie from the ISP to you) and 256Kb upstream (ie you to the ISP). Some providers go up to 2Mb but it will cost you, AFAIK the cheapest at the moment is Pipex at 23.44 a month and they give you a free 'modem' as well.


The other key advantage of ADSL is thats unmetered and always on, so all you pay is the 23.44 a month and you can leave it on all day, unlike your home highway service. Even if you have one of the all-inclusive dialup deals (eg BT anytime) they will (and do) get annoyed if you use it 24 hours a day 7 days a week, whereas with ADSL they dont bother.


The biggest problem with ADSL at the moment is the rollout which is slow and patchy. The other problem which may come into force when the takeup gets better is that the lines are usually contended at a ratio of 50:1, in other words you may be sharing your 512Kb with up to 49 other people. This shouldnt be a problem unless all 50 of your are trying to download large files at the same time, like the stripper video from Arnie's site wink.gif (see his posting here in chitchat).


The best site to find out more about ADSL is http://www.adslguide.org.uk/


edit I forgot to mention, the last time I looked it wasnt easy to upgrade Home Highway to ADSL. This is because HH is a digital connection whereas a normal phone line is analogue and the ADSL signal is multiplexed over the normal phone line - this allows you to use the phone and access the Internet on the same line, although you still have to pay for the phone line as normal.





P8MRA - The greenid=green> one with redid=red> wings


Edited by - Nick Woods on 1 Jul 2002 12:55:39

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On the computer game forum I usually hang out on we often wind up the admins by creating new user accounts via anonimising proxy servers, like anonimizer and the-cloak. The simplist of all is just using altavista translation (set it to chinese-english or summat). If I've understood how these work correctly, the end result is that your IP addy is hidden from the site you browse (they see the proxy server), and the identity of the site you are viewing is hidden from your net admin (they see the proxy server).


Have I got the gist of it?

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