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Club International July 20th

Slipper man

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The final preperations are now being made for what will be a brilliant event. The highlight (for me at least!) will be a dinner at the old fort at Hurst Castle in the Solent. It will be truly stunning at this time of the year. There will also be a number of other attractions on the Saturday and the Sunday.


There are still places available, so come on all of you and get your applications in! Low Flying should be on your door steps this week and there will be an entry form inside, or call up Geoff Pickin (see number in last month's LF)

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Copied from the Le Sept topic .....


"Sadly this is the first international we'll have missed but have to go on ahead to Dijon to catch enough snails and frogs for the 94 people at the reception dinner! wink.gif teeth.gif


(and check out that Circuit Dijon-Prenois is where we thought we'd left it! ) eek.gif


Hurst Castle sounds like a fantastic venue (Hurst was my maiden name) cool.gif Hope you all have a great time.


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Really sorry to have to miss it this year. It's always a great time to renew old aquaintances and to make new friends.


If youv'e not done an international before then this sounds like a good first one to do.


The best way to enjoy the Club is to make friends and this is a great venue for doing just that.

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I can't make it this year which is a serious shame as last year was great, and I wanted to touch base Warren Smith, and dinner in a fort has to be something else. But thats the price of being a Dad.


Our area will be fairly well represented though, If Mr.Hoile gets his creases repaired in time??


Paul M.


(Now I wonder if I can get time of to nip down for the day on Sat?)





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I take it that statement didn't come across as I intended Barbara?


Talking c**p without realising it again. Is there no cure? No wonder Skypilot looked at me a little funny this morning. Forgive me, for alas I am merely an 'Nngunear'!


I'll shut up now.....

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