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I've taken the plunge and bought a 7!!!

Trevor Phillips

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At the grand old age of 54 I've finally succumbed. 9 years of following 7's on race circuits [OK - they were in a different class to my Sylva] and I've finally made the right decision and acquired an ex-Vauxhall championship car.


Loads of mods to do to it before introducing it to the Credit Professionals Sports Car Championship next season - then I can follow Merrick, Gary and Lol and the rest of them round the track! Should be fun trying to get it through SVA before Brighton Speed Trials in September where I've entered it [so... I can't wait til next March to try driving it].



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my previous owner is 75 years of age, so a couple of weeks ago he must have been one of the most senior Seveners;....


and I'm a mere stripling judging by the implications of some of these posts.. which is jolly nice




E536 JFH - 1700 BDR - spare gearbox mobile 07970 719644


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