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The Rumble 2002

Keith Henson

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I know Charles reportedly has had a bit of a 7 problem lately but after last years brilliant event we were really looking forward to an even bigger & better Rumble in 2002. Especially as the proposed date was but few days after my "big 50" and therefore a present (to myself smile.gif)


Not sure if I've missed something but I haven't seen anything about registration etc and just wondered if this was still "on"?

After all it's only about 9 weeks away now & I'm already getting twitchy!!





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I've just spoken to Chalres, and I'm happy to report that the Rumble 2002 is ON!


I've just got to refine the route, update the web page, and start up the entry list. Charels is, as ever, looking after making the event as much fun as possible. Watch this space... and do feel free to register your interest here so I can email you all further details as we have them.


Rumble on,

Darren Hague


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Coo-eee ..... two more smile.gif


Blimey, I need to get a magnifying glass fixed over me screen blush.gif I can hardly read wot I writ sad.gif


Any chance of TWO token W********s taking part? Being up the vaste backwaters of Lincolnshire we'll be staying locally to Caterham overnight with sis and bro-in-law who have a very discreetly coloured black one tongue.gif


FH teeth.gif

Mornin' BM wink.gif


Edited to preserve the tender sensibilities of some BC'ers by the manual insertion of *****'s !.gif


Edited by - fullharness on 1 Jul 2002 08:46:14

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Hi Andy,


The Rumble was a grand-scale off-shoot of the early morning Rumblings certain south London and near environs-based owners took on a regular basis last year.


Chalres (an "in" joke because he always spells his name wrongly on postings) wink.gif and Darren and others organised a run, starting from Caterham with a set of instructions to circumnavigate the M25, half of the group going clockwise and the remainder going anti-clock to meet up at Sarf Mimms Services at lunchtime. Each group then continued on their circumnavigation, returning to Caterham for a superb barbecue laid on by the chaps and chapesses from Caterham Cars thumbsup.gif


The sight of (IIRC) 122 Se7ens parked on top of Safeway's car park was fantastic. The looks on people's faces as groups of Se7ens went past ranged from the confused.gif to the cool.gif


A superb event and we shall be coming all the way from Lincolnshire. Not to be missed IMHO teeth.gif



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Put my name down as well please.


Andy, it'll be my first one as well - try here for info on last years event, although I gather 2002 will be bigger and better (a bit like an SV really wink.gif )


Ian - MI 5EVN


Edited by - Ian B on 1 Jul 2002 19:13:38

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