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4.4:1 Sierra 7" Diff or Crownwheel and Pinion Set


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Racline are the sole UK distributor, although I always thought the word Distributor implied the holding of stock.


In this case KAM who make them have none with which to supply Raceline until a very provisional October it would appear.


So perhaps KAM should describe Raceline as "company who'ed love to help if KAM pulled their finger out......"


Or maybe they just make "virtual diffs???"


Cubororogh beckons - please help if you wish to see an Ince Mincer with a VX engine......


Fat Arn

Visit the K2 RUM siteid=red>

See the Lotus Seven Club 4 Counties Area Website hereid=green>


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In that case I beleive that certain Sierra Cosworths used your desired item. Trawl the web for Cosworth Breakers. IIRC a company called Ashfield Motorsport in Alfreton, Derbyshire are specialists in Cosworths. Otherwise, trawl the back pages of motoring news. Ian Harwood in Ellesmere Port, Squires in Stoke on Trent and Jason Lepley Motorsport may have what you are looking for. Persevere and eventually...... Apologies if you have already gone down this route.




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Hmm pre-empted my comment under the gearbox sales bit...


I got my 4.4 diff cwp from SPC, quite possible he got it from KAM of course but I was under the impression that two or three people made these. Give Steve Perks a ring.


There is also a 4.7 diff available now, just give your mates at SBD a ring, well OK perhaps not.


7 inch diffs were XR4i and XR4x4 I think rather than cossie sierra, standard ratios only go to 3.9.

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