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Sky Packages


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thanks for the response.


Is the sky web site the cheapest place that the package deals can be had? and what would you say would be the best value one for quality movies and decent motor racing out of all of them



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10%question.gif I wish...........

Essex Boy.

I have zero news on "deals", 'cos I get the whole lot for free, so I never check to see if I can get a better deal........

FWIW, I don't think there are any discounted packages for subscribers, but if there are, it'll be on the web-site.


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There are a bunch of Sky Digital newsgroups that are pretty useful. They usually keep a watch out for the best deals, and post up the promotional codes so you get freebies. Try http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&group=uk.media.tv.sky .


As of a couple of months ago, sky was doing a deal where, if you ordered the sky world + family pack (£38), you got installation free. Even if you don't want all the channels, ordering it for the first month, getting the free install, then changing to an alternative package, works out cheaper than paying for install + a cheap package.


Of course, if all you are getting it for is the F1 coverage, the cheapest you could do it is buying the whole kit and kaboodle off ebay for about £100, plus a satellite meter, and set it up yourself. You can get free-to-view cardsoff sky/bbc for nothing, and then just order the F1 coverage as you want it.


BTW, sky have a deal on at the mo where you can get the rest of the seasons races for £50 upfront.


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I just rang Sky, and you know what...you are right. Weird, I'm not sure if I read that non-subscribers could order, or if I just assumed that they would be happy to take your money. Either way, it seems Sky's reticence concerning FTV cards goes further than I thought.
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