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CB Radio ?


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Spotted on the check list of a person near here who kindly allowed me a peek. CB Radio. Sounds like a good idea and not just for track days. Is there one of preference for use in a Seven? I would hazard something portable may be the order of the day, perhaps like the 40 channel 4/.4 watt Tandy from days of yore. Attach headset and off we go.


E536 JFH

mobile 07970 719644


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I have an "as new" CB Radio in the garage.


It was bought for inter-car communication on a Trans-European boozathon (the increased communication didn't stop one driver from going down a one way street into Amsterdam Tram Station though ( Hello Coose wink.gif ) ).


Anyone who wants it? How about a donation to NTL?



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Silly tale from the eighties.


When the craze of CB radio was at it's height ( yes I had one) a friend of mine, who was a bit dim (sorry Stu) decided to have one too. Subsequently we installed one in his car.

I stopped at home, while he set off in order to test the equipment. We decided on a route for him to take, so that we could see what range it would transmit from.

All was going well, then nothing, no response.


About an hour and a half later he knocked on my door.


"where have you been" I asked?


"Oh, I ran out of petrol!" ??? HE WALKED IT BACK.









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People often ask "What's that wire", about the thing hanging from under the spare wheel on my seven. Well....


It's a CB aerial connector !


So not only did this historical artifact have a stereo fitted from new, it also had a CB at some time.


Anyone ever remember "eyeball eyeball" ing a Silver Jubilee Caterham with a 10 Foot whip ?








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in my darker moments I have been pondering a cb with a K40 and a little flag on top so I can be more visible than invisible to oncoming traffic..


in fact I have been pondering this for many years, long before my 7 came along - I mean, if one wants a flag then one may as well stick a CB under the flag pole.




E536 JFH - 1700 BDR - spare gearbox mobile 07970 719644


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More practical than a CB fitted (bolted) into a car, why not buy the licence free portable radios?


They can be made to work with headset/boom mike, will run on re-chargeables, and can be put in the pocket for use whilst out of the car as well.


I've used them on several car runs, great for keeping the back of the 'snake' in contact with the front




(Green Dragon)

also G4YFY (any other posh 'ammer chewers out there?)

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Decent PMR should be good for 3-5 kilometers, depending on terrain, obviously not as good as CB but less problems with Aerials etc, have recently been using Entel 446 e PMRs from inside a building with 1 meter thick stone walls and had no problems at well over 1 mile

what sort of range could we be looking at ?

about 10 miles depending on quality of signal propagation




CSR 200 Aztec and Black


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