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LDS - oil seal or over filling


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Just given the car a good going over after MIRA (Friday night and yes Caterham are closed- i must do this durring the week in future!


I found oil thrown around the off side drive shaft all over the chassis etc.


Only 2 small drips on the floor. I have wiped it down and been for a spin and can see no further or continuing evidence.


Is it the oil seal?


The vent at the top of the diff is angled over to the off side. MIRA was all left handers (apart from one)! Could this have been due to the corrnering.


Car is an SLR.



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Dont worry about it ....... MIRA high grip surface combined with the first corner , fairly high G's does result in the diff throwing out some oil . Where as at all other venues it behaves it self .


I have now once again fitted a little catch tank on the end of my 3 feet of breather tube - just to monitor any loss .



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