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Who's Going To Silverhatch??


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Well......how manys of you is gannin' to the GP?


Grandstand seats? Standing? (What time to you start Qing?)


Camping? Hotels? Day trip? Helichopper?


How do you watch your GP?


Just curious...........???????????












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£90 odd!! No Seats then! Just booked tickets for USGP in Sept, Qual = £15 - sit where you want!!!! Race, seats overlooking start/finish £100!!


PLUS...... free transport to/from airport/hotel........

PLUS leave circuit and be at airport within 30mins, post GP........

PLUS 200,000+ people there!!!!


Whereas Silverhatch Park next weekend.........wont bother going into details!! Suffice to say, we arrive Wednesday, leave Monday and watch the race on Silverstone TV in the RV!!! Tis the only way to do it and not get ripped off/spend 12 hours in the Q getting out/in!!!


And I get home in time to watch "Fully Interactive" race re-run on Sky !!!! Bargain, but not as good as FOC though!! (BTW, ta for your reply re:figures, should they become available..........?!?!)


So, just me and Maxonian going thus far, anyone else?





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