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About as non 7ish as you can get


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A pug 106 Escapade 1.5Ltr Diesel.


Dead cheap to run (50mpg, low road tax, low ins group)


Fun to drive (pug's are quite fun for a tin top)


Metalic Red, '95 on an N, 81K Miles, Lecy Windows, Central locking, Sunroof, FSH, excellent Bodywork, Driving lights etc ....


Selling due to an overstock of Honda's and Seven's!


Ultimate run arround!


Worth arround 2.5K, would accept less. Otherwise I'll take it to a dealer to get ripped off!


Pants, forgot any contact details - email me, or ring 07769 907533.


Edited by - greg on 29 Jun 2002 20:16:25

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