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Which exhaust do I have?

Julian Thompson

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The 4 into 2 is termed the "cat replacement pipe". After SVA you can buy one of these. There is a rumour of a single SLR cat pipe has been used to SVA all the SLRs in Worcestershire and the surrounding districts, with the new car owners speccing "cat replacement pipes" and no cat.



253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>

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It's no rumour. teeth.gif


Julian, the 4-2-1 cat-replacement pipe is about 160 quid. You can coerce Caterham into supplyhing this in place of the 4-1 cat but you wouldn't get through the SVA without the cat, hence the chap in Worcs lending his out.


(see location to the left)

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