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Le Sept... Can I get excited yet ?


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Only 3 weeks away !


Chasing at La Chartre

Mas du Clos, Fantastic facilities ,fabulous fun

Dijon, Just dying for a downhill dice. Mustard circuit..


Time to start arguing with myself over tyres for the trip...

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I thought you would turn up rather quickly !


What I wouldn't give to be going down the last downhill section before the finishing line at Dijon in your car right now. You will be making some classic noise with that high revving engine and sequential box.


You can tell I like Dijon ?


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That's good news, my Roger's getting excited! wink.gif


Good news Geoff! thumbsup.gif


Sorry Andrew but of course we will, you're missing a gem!


Final letters, instructions and info will be posted out at the beginning of next week.


S'pose we'd better start another countdown.........


23 DAYS TILL LE SEPT id=red> cool.gif

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My car's back now so am officially allowing the excitement to start. Even turned down a track day on the 18th JIC.


Now to get my spare wheels sorted.


Barbara - met a young lady called Julie at Stand21 today. She said she's talked to you I think. Top gear they sell but there's no way their helmets are extra large.

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Ah, she's back from her honeymoon then! Did she say where she went? She had no idea where she was going before the wedding but was given a list of very strange things to pack and was getting rather puzzled by it all. wink.gif


Julie's Dad is Yves Morizot President of Stand 21. Astrali and Stand 21 used to show at Motor Shows and Racing Car Shows together for quite a few years but we only met up with him again three or four years ago when we were last at Dijon and he showed Roger and I round the factory and how they make the crash helmets etc. cool.gif


Yves has invited the Le Septers to the factory and showroom for coffee as we leave Dijon for our next hotel.


Small world isn't it?


I think a track day on the 18th might have been a little "brave"!

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Got the Portsmouth Le Harve tickets yesterday

Spoke to the machine at the AA to get 5 star cover including repatiation of Nuit St George bottles.

The Autoroute program was finally convinced that straight through the centre of Paris is not a good idea.

Dan is now an omnivore having got fed up with French omlettes last year.

So I am now excited.

The trip between Dijon and La Charte looks good and we can drop in at Magny Cours on the way.

Now Barbara don't forget the weather!

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The international dinner would be nice, but rather a long detour..

Lost 4th gear at the weekend, engine out yesterday, know what the problem is, now need to find a spare part... not only excited but now feverish!

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Sadly this is the first international we'll have missed but have to go on ahead to Dijon to catch enough snails and frogs for the 94 people at the reception dinner! wink.gif teeth.gif


(and check out that Circuit Dijon-Prenois is where we thought we'd left it! eek.gif)


Hurst Castle sounds like a fantastic venue (Hurst was my maiden name cool.gif Hope you all have a great time.

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