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Trailer urgently needed for this weekend

Simon Norris

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I need to get my Caterham from London to Donington tomorrow, and unfortunately my usual trailer rental company has let me down. Can collect tonight from anywhere in London/Kent/Essex area and return on Sunday. Will pay commercial rate.


Any offers greatly appreciated.




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I have a Brian James A-Series 4 wheel trailer with centre boarding, low profile ramps, tyre rack and petrol can holder. I wouldn't want anything for its use, but I would want you to take good care of it! The trailer weighs 600kg.


I am based near Hatfield (but going out to dinner this evening)



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Thanks very much for all the offers - I am amazed how many people are willing to lend such items (of not inconsiderable value) to someone they have never met. What a generous lot you are.


Fortunately Mr Grigsby is just down the road, so I have taken up his offer.


Thanks again


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