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Martin Plant

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My VVC Roadsport (now sold to a friend) had an Alterpower unit installed by a previous owner. Since the vacuum pipe to it is starting to perish I was considering junking the thing altogther.


Is this thing snake oil? I would have thought there was hardly any electrical load on a daytime-driven 7.


I dislike unnecessary potential points of failure.





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Alterpower is rubbish. An alternator has internal regulation that cuts down its field current as revs rise so that it always outputs just enough power to match that being consumed by the electrical loads in the car. The battery provides a bit of buffering, but essentially an alternator draws as much mechanical power as is needed and no more. If you shut an alternator off for a period of time, it just has to make up the load later.





253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>

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