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Centre thingy for wheel on my wagon


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Being a complete dumbo (sorry, that's not meant to cause offence to any elephants reading this) - I'm not sure but think the wheel is a Minator 14" - the one with lots of spokey bits. In our house move Mr FH lost the middle bit off one wheel which resembles a goose-egg sized cup and when we asked Caterham for some replacements, we got the ones that look like nite-lite holders.....and they just fell through the 'ole in the middle.


Does anyone have a spare one for sale or know where we can get one please?


Thank you for sparing the time to read this chaps



p.s request is reasonably urgent as we would like to go to France next week with wheels "fully clothed"


Edited by - fullharness on 27 Jun 2002 23:12:11

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