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Removable scuttle


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I am looking to replace the scuttle on my 1992 DeDion


I have heard the scuttle can be removable. Can I please ask ;-


1. What fittings have been used for the bulkhead to scuttle - I would prefer not to use self tappers. Would riv-nuts work and if so how easy is this ?


2. What fixings are used in place of the large "mushroom" shaped rivet on the side


Many thanks

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I just riveted mine back on. Considering the small number of times it'll ever come off (if ever again) it makes no sense engineering a screw off solution. Then again, I don't have an aeroscreen.


Consider this... if you make it more removable you won't be sticking it back together with sealant. the sealant acts both as an adhesive (an aid to the strength of the scuttle) and a "rattle deterrent". The latter is worth its weight in gold.


It took me only 10 mins to drill out all the rivets and remove the plate holding it together, and only about the same time to put it all back together again with more rivets.


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With regard to number 2 - these rivets are only fitted to early cars, in mid 90's they were dropped and the scuttle just fits flush with the body with no overlapping bit. As mine's a 93 chassis mine had them but I just left mine out when I replaced the scuttle, they don't seem to add anything useful. And if you do want to replace them they are just large headed pop rivets, only problem is that they are ususally painted and if you replace them they won't be.
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