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Super 7 - 5 speed Gearbox for sale


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1987 Super 7 30,000 miles close approx, gather it is an XR4i 5 speed box (ie the "standard" ford ), I acquired the car last week and am changing the gearbox because I don't like the ratios - never did like Ford's idea of 1st gear.


Currently in the car in Chesterfield, can make (motorsport) contact available who has just driven it, but


If you want it instead of me part exchanging it, call me NOW! on 07970 719644 or

01606 333 106 (probably busy with internet call)


and persuade me with cash not to exchange it.


I will be swopping this box in the next 24 hours or LESS so be very quick if you have an interest in this.


Anthony 27 Jun 2002 4.40 pm


New 7er of a few days

mobile 07970 719644 (sorry no message collection)

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