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Mobil oil in france

Jason Plato

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I know this has been covered in the past , from what I gather there are 2 Mobil oils in France - 5w50 and 0w40 .

My question is , is the 5w50 definatley for petrol engines . And what exactly is it labelled as in France ???


I have a friend who can bring back loads , but he doesnt know his big end from his bell tank ........ bit like me ??wink.gif


Many thanks



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Are you after some Mobil 1 Dave..?

I've got an un opened bottle in the garage-0w40 I think.I bought it to put in the Griffith 2 hours before I wrote it off smile.gif


Let me know and I'll drop it in




teeth.gif Superlight 143 teeth.gif

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