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crossflow rad/cap?

Tight fart

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Is this a X/Flow? 9 lbs sounds a bit low. I would have thought 13 would be nearer the mark. I would also only put it on the expansion tank and using a blanking cap on the thermostat housing.



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I fitted a pressurised expansion tank from a 4 speed TR7. It fits in the standard expansion tank position and seems to work well. I have a blank cap on the thermostat housing and a Stant 14psi on the expansion bottle.


Thermostat is 74degC.

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I have had trouble in this area in the past. R Phillips, who supplied you with the cap?


The correct cap for a supersprint spec crossflow engine without a sealed header tank is a 13psi cap.


I was supplied with a new cap by a well known place and was told "that is most definitely the correct cap, no doubt about it". It had "lbs 7" marked on it. I lost all my water on the motorway on the way home. I then got the real correct cap from Redline. It is marked as 13psi. I suggest for peace of mind, you get a new one from Redline and wouldn't trust any other.




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Fit an expansion tank (sealed unit). That will solve all coolant loss problems. The xflow Fiesta was fitted with a sealed unit, so all the bits are available through the Ford parts dept.


Or get the bits off of Roger King

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