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Sony marine housing to make your camcorder water-tight! and durable for the 7


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Sony spk-trx2 Sony marine camcorder housing: This Sony 'sports' housing (rrp £199 new) works with the following Sony Video8/hi-8 camcorders: CCD-TR705E, CCDTR505E, CCD-TR305E, CCD-TR105E, CCDTR75E, CCDTR55E, CCDTR45E (and possibly others)

It is idealfor roll-bar mounting on the 7 as it has the threaded tripod mount. You can even still control the camcorder fully through rugged rubberised controls, and most importantly leave it attached in the rain and spray to catch some exciting footage.

There is even a waterproof mic on the housing and a rubber-sealed mini-jack to attach an external mic (handy to prevent wind noise). It is brand new (bought in error thinking it would fit my model of camera), so please check compatibility with your camera in manual or talk to somebody Sony. Make me a silly offer, 10% of selling price to Nuke the Luke upon sale through the club. (interesting P/X's considered, I'm into 7s (obviously), DVDs, cycling, Tamiya models, Scalextrix) ms81@cant.ac.uk


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