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Sundry other bits littering the place...


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Stainless exhaust and ali guard. Collector inside engine bay K series sort.


Std. front brake calipers and discs off a 95 deDion K. Some manky Greenstuff pads too if you want to see how badly they can be made to crack up (i.e. not usable).


4 beige K series injectors.


Think there might be some other odds and ends too which I'll add to the list later if I remember what they are.


Offers accepted on the above.


Edited by - andy murphy on 26 Jun 2002 23:23:29

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JB, you can't change your injectors or any other part of the configuration of the engine without telling your ECU, i.e. remapping. If you haven't got a user-mappable ECU you can't do anything.


I have a set of standard SLR injectors for sale/contibution to NtL too... in fact they're not just standard to the SLR, they're standard across the range (exceptions being EU3 and R500).

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