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paint codes what is yours


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I have aquired from work a PPG paint code book and if you know the name of your colour and what make ie ford I will try to get you a paint code or if you know the code I can tell you the colour name.

If this is a help to anyone.


Anyone requiring a paint code can help me alot by stating if it is a metalic or not, thank you.




Edited by - phil on 27 Jun 2002 19:38:41

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I have no listing for bike colours but some are done by PPG, the code on your bike should be on the plate near the handle bars on a bike, unfortunately you will have to find a bike the same colour and ask the owner for a look at the code and go from there. the code is required to find the colour rather than just giving the name.

Good luck.

Just double checked in another book and there is a list for honda bike but not your colour, sorry.

ref F355 GTS




Edited by - phil on 27 Jun 2002 19:22:56

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