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Which Mobil 1 for a VHPD

Steve King

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Mobil 1 0w40 fully synth for the road and the odd track day.

Let engine run for 5 mins after a good track thrash as to let oil circulate and disapate heat, this will help to stop tappets from sticking.

idealy use one oil for the road [0w/40] and a racing oil with a stronger additives package for the track.



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15W50 is a better bet in super-hot conditions. 0W40 is not required for the tappets as the VHPD tappets are mechanical. I have found the dry sump keeps the temperatures more reasonable than the wet sump.


I would be tempted to run 0W40 because I have never heard of anyone having any engine trouble that can be pinned on oil film breakdown from running it and the 0W will be useful for every start from cold.


(but this is a religious issue)



253 BHP K-seriesteeth.gif, no gearboxbum.gifid=red>


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