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SLR handbrake cable

Julians Biatch

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Hi gents. Ju and I have been working on his SLR tonight. Not far off really. Have got a wee problem with handbrake cable routing. At the present we have the cable running from the handle, through the guide where the plastic mounts go, then over the diff side and looping the driveshafts as per the 'guidebook'. The problems we have are:

1) The cable touches the sides of the propshaft housing on both sides. Any probs re SVA or wear on this aspect?

2) The cable on both sides threathens to 'fall over' the diff. Any better routing ideas?

3) On the drivers side the cable touches the flexi brake hose from the t-piece to the hard stuff up top. Again, routing help!

4) On both sides the cable touches the anti-roll bar clamps. Any probs with repetative wear and SVA?


Thanks for this


PS. What are the black rubber grommits for on the brake cable shield?



Ju's shotgun hopefully... Please Ju! ;)

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Ah, the 'route the handbrake cable' game. I spent a couple of evenings trying to get this better than it was ever going to get, but it did pass the SVA so I guess it was reasonable in the end.


I sheathed most of the brake cable in rubber pipe and then used a couple of large cable ties over the top of the diff to slightly pull the two halves of the cable together (you may want to route the cable ties through the lug on the diff to stop them sliding up the cable). This tends to reduce any movement/rattling/wear of the cable against the brake t-piece or ar bar clamps (or indeed the diff).


I cut the grommets off because I couldn't figure those out either.

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