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Le Mans Photo's - I need a bit of help from a web developer......


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Construct some of the HTML in Excel by concatenating the required html round each image name, then write a formula to merge all these cells and then cut this cell and paste into your html document.


It's a bit heath robinson but it's simple and it soes the trick, I've used this approach a few times before.


Also rather than link to the images themselves, link to a page where the image name is passed as a parameter, give's you more scope for changing how they're displayed at a later stage without having to change loads of pages. Look at some of the latter pages of the 7 Gallery for info.


Kevin Thomas




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I'd use DreamWeaver, it has a macro to create a webpage photo album, it does all the indexing and creates the thumbnails for you (I see you've done that already).


The albums it creates are pretty good, I've been experimenting as I'm finally building my site at present. If you want a simple solution with captions/filenames as a reference, it will work fine.



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I'd use perl, or maybe awk, but then I am a bit of a geek...wink.gif



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