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Zetec sump conversion / fabrication.

John Gaines

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Has anyone had experience of cutting and shutting the sump for a zetec?

I am getting hold of an alloy 2l mondeo sump and know a local engineer who can weld alloy. What I need are some diagrams of suitable baffle positions etc as well as dimensions for the pickup. I have the later Focus engine. Any Ideas.

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Caterham USA uses Zetec engines as the standard for cars here. They have a terrific sump made by Raceline in the UK and fit it to all of the Zetecs over here. Maybe Caterham can get one or you may be able to go to Raceline directly. It has good baffling and is no lower than the bellhousing on the five speed gearbox. This pan will fit 1998 and later Zetecs.
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Go directly to Race Line. They are quite helpful, and their sump is the dog's danglies. They are not cheap, but the end product is worth your quid. While you are there ask to see the latest naughty bits for Caterham/Zetec instal.






No officer, the wheel is on the RIGHT side.wink.gif

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I may be able to help as I have done exactly as you say, a home grown modified sump and pickup.


email me your phone number (allen@jamesboyd.freeserve.co.uk)and i'll give you a call



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