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Cash Card Scam

Dan Salter

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Please be very wary of using any cash point that looks as if there is a piece of plastic or card sticking out of the Cash Card slot.


After you type in your number, the machine looks as if it has swallowed your card.

As soon as you walk away or into the bank, some b*****d

presumably close by or waiting in a car, will somehow retrieve your card and carry on with the transaction you started!!


My parents have just had this happen to them, and are obviously very upset over the matter, as they have had a large sum of money stolen from their account.

If only i could get my hands on the lowlife Git...etc...etc.


So please be very careful!

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There was a thread on this a few months ago. I think the outcome of that one was that whilst it is common over here in South Africa it was difficult in the UK. Looks like the scum have found a way around whatever was preventing it in the UK.


Is it me or is the heat getting to people, we seem too have had a few recent posts that that by there wording court controversy. First Pele now Howard!!!!



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I am not sure what he is refering to but I understood this story to be an urban myth as the card slot is built to a tollerance that only just allows that card in. It is impossible/improbable that a peice of plastic stuck in the slot could act in this manner, but aparently his parents had this happen to them.

I suspect that the card was taken from them while they were stood at the machine. I have seen it happen and caught the guy who did it.

Despite three people running down the street, people wrestling on the ground and all the shouting that went with it, the lady whos card was stolen did not realise anything had happened and walked off!!!



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Right, just for the record, the above DID happen and is FACT. It was not taken from my mum at the cash point by anyone while she was there. I am aware of the Urban myth surrounding this so you can choose to accept it or not.


The City of London Police are aware of the device known as the 'Lebanese Loop' made from wire and tape which is forced into the cash point through the card slot. There have been many rececnt reports made to them regarding this.


Whether you choose to believe this is entirely up to you. But I put this posting up originally to warn fellow club memebers of this VERY REAL risk, as I do not wish it to happen to anyone else!

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It does happen, I used to work for a Building Society and a number of Bank and Building Society Customers were hit one August Bank Holiday.


I have seen how its done there are a number of methods and most are very convincing. This type of crime is particulary bad at a weekend/holiday period as it tends to take longer for everyone to react.


If your card is retained by a machine for any reason have the card issuers hotline handy and phone at the earlist possibility to cancel the card, before leaving the machine if possible.


Dan, get you parents to check their bank conditions if they're free of any blame (proven by the police) they may be able to get the money back but all bank conditions vary, they may also be covered on a home insurance policy for cash possesions outside the home. It won't be solved quickly and they need to go along with rules but generally Banks/Building Society's will see genuine customers are fairly treated.



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The lebanese loop fraud was prevalent 5 years or so ago and since then the design of most cash dispensers have been modified to prevent it. Although distressing, worrying and inconvenient there is no real cause for concern since it is the bank that is liable for the loss.
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Cheers All


Luckily they have been covered by the bank, I can also see how important it is to report the card as lost immediately. You are right in the fact that it happened over the weekend and was only picked up on Monday.


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