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MOT gotchas?


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The Seven ('89 Superprint) goes through it's MOT tomorrow at a place who say they are familiar with the marque. However as this is the first time I've taken the car through it's MOT and the first time I've taken any car through an MOT for a very long time, can anyone point out what are the likely modern rules that they may throw at me which don't apply but could cause me to 'fail'


Emissions is one, but as it's so old it doesn't need a cat, so is it just a visible smoke test?



Side indicator repeaters?

Handbrake 'quality' (it has never been that good)


Anything else?


I've checked the obvious like lights are working, steering play, shocks, etc.


I'm looking to have some sensible responses at the ready to some potentially awkward or wrong arguments rather than just saying 'errrm, OK, let me check and visit you another day'


Thanks as always



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Front wheel bearing play

Fuel Pipe location in transmission tunnel - so earlier thread

Handbrake cable location in transmission tunnel (seems to touch prop shaft but only when the handbrake is on and the car is stationary - as soon as the handbrake is slack it moves out of the way!

Brakes (efficiency and balance)

General Leaks

Battery tray security

windscreen wash and wipers

all lights (they seem to go between leaving home and arriving at the MOT station)

tyre condition


Low tech luddite - xflow and proud!

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I had to argue about the lack of "wing" mirrors once - mine's a 1991 "Q" plate. Eventually persuaded the guy that "Q" reg means that pre 1973 (or thereabouts)standards apply as far as MOT regs go. Another possible discussion point will be harnesses in place of conventional belts. Strictly speaking all belts must be capable of being fastened with one hand, which is difficult with most harness buckles (but not impossible, and therefore something of a grey area).


I've always looked for a smaller garage for the MOTs rather than a major dealer or Halfords - somehow think they are more flexible in their approach to unusual cars, but this may be just my imagination!


Good luck!

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you can read the test book here graham mentioned general leaks oil and water leaks dont come in to the test unless it is fuel or brakes on a 7 youl be ok. lights and the simple things is a must as a tester once i find a light not working the paper work starts so we tent to fail every thing we are ment to. most sevens are ok and a nice change to test .


fredid=blue> eek.gif

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