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Garage building cost?

Mike Bees

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Someone had one built a bit back - cant remeber who but it was on blatchat also cost depends on specification of materials.- do a search, prefab garages - I've looked into this, IMHO no problem bar the looks but watch out for hidden costs, i.e. the cost they quoted me did not include the concrete foundations and base, but they would put me in touch with someone who could do this, the cost was pretty expensive though.
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Hmmmmmn. Damn right. The "cheap" quotes all seem to disappear once they inspect the site!


Mine is 3.5m x 6m but with some complex bits like hipped roof (£2000) / georgian style windows (£800)/ stone sills (£50) (bloody planning!) and side access door (£250) etc - total cost £12k approx.


Roof just going on now.......

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I got a prefab garage build a few years ago. IIRC it was £2k for a huge single garage (enough room to fit the rear axle...) plus £500 for the base vs. £6-7k for a small brick built one. I've no complaints with it, but wish I hadn't gone for the pebbledashing... I've always liked the look of the timber garages advertised in Motorsport, and they don't look too expensive either.
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