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Replacement Headlight Units


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Anyone know where I can get replacement headlight units, either the standard chrome ones or maybe the smaller, matt black ones?


Mine got very rusty - I tried derusting and hameriting one but looks a bit d-i-y.


Cheers, Mark.

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Actually, just had a look at James Whiting and he has both types advertised - however what I really need is this, plus the whole metal mounting that straps onto the fixing on the top of the side of car via the tubing and the two bolts.


Can I get the entire units from caterham?

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The "retaining" rings on both of mine rusted terribly, thumbsdown.gif even though the car's only 2 1/2 years old, thumbsdown.gif so I cleaned with with a wire wheel in my drill and resprayed them with Halford matt black paint (primered first) and I'm pretty pleased with the results. thumbsup.gif Probably not as durable as powder coating thumbsdown.gif but it's delayed having to spend 60-70 quid on a new set of lights... thumbsup.gif


... and when I do buy the new lights I'll make sure they are those lovely 5 1/4 inch ones. Mmm yes... thumbsup.gifteeth.gif

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