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Cat 2 immobiliser


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I was under the impression that the one fitted - the Rover blipper, is Cat 2. We had to get a note from Caterham to the insurers to confirm this, but it was accepted. That is assuming your car has it. I thought it was all part of the ECU, so I would of thought you would have. Thats assuming you are talking about a k-series that is. If you are not, sorry! Having re-read, I guess you are talking about supersprint, not supersport, but it may highlight a potential bone of contention with insurers.


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But doesn't Cat2 involve interrupting 3 circuits? I can think of ignition coil and starter activation but that is it unless you have upgraded to an electric fuel pump! Hence, I am not sure thatyou can actually get a Cat2 certificate for the insurance people.






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Nope! Cat 2 specifies only 2 cuts, at a minimum of 300mm separation in the cuts and immobilising a primary circuit.


At work we see some amazing things;


1)immobilised headlamps on circuit 3 of a 3 circuit one where the fitter couldn't/wouldn't be arsed to find a better altrnative!


2) Immobilised starter - fine, ignition, fine and um. "Starter backup" ! ie the starter is cut again!!!!


3) I've seen a Vecta Managusta 6 circuit (!) system with ONLY the ignition switch wire immobilised!!!!!! the other 5 circuits were cut off. Incredible - that guys would have paid £450 for that in 1992!


and lots of other fun!!


The worst thing is that Mr Customer never sees any of it so he thinks he's done well getting one for £50 ! If only they could understand that the immobiliser only costs £25 and that the rest is labour so you can do a proper job! £25 only buys one hour's time and the paperwork alone takes 15 mins.......


Oh well. Caveat Emptor!

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