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standard brake calipers and disks

Graham Sewell

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From live axle car with mintex 1144 pads and braided hoses. Calipers and disks 10,000miles old; pads < 2,000 road miles old.


For sale after upgrading to AP 4-pot brakes. No problems when last on car (passed MOT with them in May).


Any reasonable offers?






Low tech luddite - xflow and proud!

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Hi Graham


I'm very interested, assuming that I can fit these to my LIve Axle (Ital) car. Is there only the one style of disk and caliper for the live axle config?


for info I'm building a Classic (chassis 1999) , Xflow with Ital Live axle.


If this would work for me, then i'd be keen to sort a price.


Cheers Steve

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