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front suspension alignment: how accurate?


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Hello, everyone !

I finally got around to checking the front suspension on the car I am currently restoring. It's a live-axle car with single top link front suspension.


Number one: the left wishbone is obviously about 3/10" longer between its two mountings. I put it in all the way to the rear, considering later on spacing it out properly with thin washers.

As reference I used the centre of the rear axle, A-frams and trailing arms fitted.

Cross checked taking the hood-stick mounting as reference, same results.


Which were these: the bottom mounting tab on the left side wishbone is 1/10" further forward than the one on the right. despite the left w-b being all the way to the back.

The insides on both top links were exactly the same, the outside end on the right hand side was about 1mm/4 thou inch further forwards than the left.


The wishbones are not new, the top links are.


New bottom wishbones, methinks, right ? Or are 3mm OK ???


How about the 1mm difference at the top ones ??


Thanks a lot in advance !! - Karsten

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