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At work?


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Ha Ha...


Usually I am jealous of those whose jobs allow them to surf the net all day...


But not today...


For I can sit at home, wathching Anna Kornikova play tennis wink.gif




Mark (No interest in Tennis smile.gif)




Edited by - Mark Jackson on 24 Jun 2002 14:47:57

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Yes, but dont you have a telly at work ? We do smile.gif (and its on the tennis)


BTW I just heard Anna whatshername is out (I've not been watching)



P8MRA - The greenid=green> one with redid=red> wings


Edited by - Nick Woods on 24 Jun 2002 16:34:54

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I went out for a blat as soon as it (Shesmile.gif), finished.


Now back home dripping in eye drops, inserting nasal spray etc. after being force-fed pollen via right eye and nostril.



Mark (My 7 makes me sneeze but it's worth it smile.gif )

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