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Dates for Le-mans 2003


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Can anyone please let me know dates for 2003 as Arnie seems to be saying that it is the weekend of 21/22 as the club trip leaves on the 18th but club arnage is saying weekend of the 14/15 this would appear the right date as it is the 2nd weekend in June, any help would be great as some so called friend has organised there weding for the second weekend in june.

Here's hoping that the race has moved for next year.


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Way hey!!!


7 days slashed from the countdown in one fell swoopteeth.gif


Lets hope this trend continues over the next month!.gif




P.S. I'm not getting in the pool while Jimmy Somerville's playing!!!!!!!!

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Booking forms at www.sevens-at-la-sarthe.com


One word of advice - Single passenger bookings are likley to be expensive this year as they were aloss maker in 2002 - expect thme to be only £100 less than the 2 in car price!


Advice to potential driver onlys.....- find a friend!!


Fat Arn

Visit the K2 RUM siteid=red>

See the Lotus Seven Club 4 Counties Area Website hereid=green>


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Here is a copy of a mail from a friend who has a contact, assured to be quite good.unfortunately no way of getting confirmation yet as the ACO generally

co-operate with the FIA these days, so no decision likely until about

August/September at the earliest.




My source is the "info presse" book that they hand out to all


media at the race, so for the minute I am following that one. They have


the past placed an alternative date in the book one week either way but


year they just state the 14th/15th as the provisional date .. but I


trust it until it is set in stone (official press release!).


Sorry I can't be more positive!!





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Wanted: 1 friend (or hostile Caterham owner......) to ride in the *wrong* car to Le Mans 2003. Deposit already paid..........


Can't Blatgirl take up her normal seat, riding shotgun then question.gif


BM, I've e-mailed you off-line on a completely unrelated matter. Is your system working now?



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Been working for weeks........I'll check it in a minute.......

Blatgirl usually goes somewhere sunny with one of her girly friends. She says Le Mans is a boys thing, what with beer, burgers, beer, doughnuts, beer, donuts, beer, and strippersblush.gif


Edited by - Blatman on 25 Jun 2002 16:13:27

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Count, when it comes to pole dancing are you a pro or an am ? smile.gif


Perhaps Aves could be the judge teeth.gif on 2nd thoughts no one would want to watch even if you are a pro eek.gif




"I had a car like that before the war" confused.gif


Edited by - paul davis on 25 Jun 2002 22:30:49

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Blatgirl pro-am pole dancing is for my eyes onlyeek.gifblush.gifteeth.gif (she'll kill me.......).


4 beers, er, no, I was talking in "six pack" units..........teeth.gif


No e-mail yet........which account are you trying to send toquestion.gif

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