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Cleaning Weber DCOEs?

Mike Beresford

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Try using some off the shelf spray carb cleaner.

You can also try some spray brake cleaner (make sure the engine is not running and the trumpets are covered)

Agitate with a stiff brush then spray again and leave to dry.


You can also try methylated spirits with a brush.




"The original X-Power"

www.Se7en-Up.co.uk id=green>


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The carb cleaner in aerosol form is brilliant as the jet cleans off all the crap virtualy instantly and hear are the instructions from the can.


carburettor engines

remove air cleaner. with engine off, spray exterior surface of carb and carb linkage. Start engine. Spray valve, throat and throttle plate areas. Rev engine lightly to flush away deposits and to smooth out idle. Renew the air filterand refit the air filter housing.


This is a Wynn's product in 500ml aerosol form called

Fuel injection intake and carb cleaner about £4.99. If spilt on paint work wash off emmediately with water



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Another suggestion, cellulose thinners also works a treat, but be careful with spillages.

Also for those that make the same mistake as me, it is good at cleaning the oily rings that new Yoko's leave on the wooden floor in the dining room, when they really should have been put in the garage (her talking)


Chris A

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