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Diff Oil Leak


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I have oil being sprayed around the rear underside area on one diff side only on my K series 1600. Careful inspection of the diff doesn't show any obvious oil leakage but I guess the primary cause is likely to be a driveshaft oil seal?? I have tried cleaning the area up and then running the car for a few miles but nothing new seemed to be thrown around - perhaps I just haven't gone far enough.


If it is the driveshaft oil seal what is the minimum I need to remove to get the driveshaft out to replace the seal?


Any thoughts would be appreciated....



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Is the oil mainly on the drivers' side. Sounds like it's diff oil exiting from the breather. This can happen when the car is being used to the fullest extent so to speak - mine spits a bit out of the breather during the odd donut.


I thought mine was leaking having filled to the hole as per the manual, now it seems to have found the level and is OK. Clean it all up and leave for a while and check it again, should confirm where any oil is leaking from if not just the breather tube.



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The MIRA-induced (very hard left hand bends) diff spillage doesn't seem to be unusual. Both Dave Jackson's & Nick Potter's cars were exhibiting it on Saturday. Oddly mine doesn't. Maybe I haven't got any oil left in my diff...


Given that cars with wooden tyres are suffering from this how do the cars with super-sticky rubber fare?



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Thanks for that - I only noticed it when I got home from Mira on Saturday and parked the car on the nice paviour drive - and then moved it half an hour later. It is the drivers side that has the problem and the little breather pipe on top of the diff on that side did appear to have some evidence of blow out but I was pretty sceptical it could blow out that much. I will leave it and check it again in a few weeks.


There may be a good side to this of course - this could be evidence I am now trying harder!


Many thanks


Brian (not Brian Butty either Mike - I prefer the even more banal bl0498!)


Team Lyall Motorsport - Senior player

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How old's the car Brian? I just got the driveshaft oil seal replaced on my (6-month old) K-series, as there was a batch of faulty seals sent out a while ago. Might like to get that checked if the car's less than a year old.



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