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What engine is this?


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Spotted this on a Porsche dealers site - looks to me like a xflow, but injection. Didn't know this was possible.


Not sure where the plug leads are going if it is a xflow.


But it also says it's registered in 2000, but top link is the old one and the handbrake is under the scuttle. Seems odd? Kit recently built up, but bought ages ago?


I'm confused confused.gif



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Can't get the link to work but you can still buy a new live axle car and you can get the handrake under the dash on a race chassis, live axle or de dion.


Hope this helps with some of the confusion




confused.gifNew Competition Secretaryid=blue> confused.gif

cool.gif1700 Live Axle X/Flow, got the engine upgrade, got the new tyres, now got to lose some weight id=red> cool.gif


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Looks like an injected XFlow to me - but nothing too mysterious about that. Judging by the route of the ht leads, this may have distributorless ignition.


Front susp. looks like, as you note, the earlier top link with the added half-wishbone (first appeared 1990) with a fairly hefty looking arb - I think there was a later old-top-link/half wishbone/later arb on ball-mounts hyrid for scholarship cars. Maybe this is a classic or scholaship chassis (so quite new - looks pretty tidy in the pic. Is there an FIA rollover bar that shape to fit a live axle car? Yes, come to think of it, I think I've seen one.




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