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Barbara Swift

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As Alex said on another thread LLANDOW on the 13th/14th July id=red> is a MUST DOid=red> thing cool.gif


We've done it - it's a great circuit and sure to be a regular venue as it's so easy to get to and the circuit people are very friendly and helpful. thumbsup.gif


Where else can you have a trackday one day and a sprint the next! cool.gif (You can choose to do either if you don't want to do both).


Camping's free at the circuit, there's a kart circuit adjoining which will be hosting a championship weekend so the atmosphere will, as usual, be great AND it's near the seaside so the family can come too!


You've all been asking for more sprints and Club member David Jackson (a class record holder at Llandow) put his hand up offering to organise it for the Club. Please support him and the Club and give Geoff Pickin a call asap to check out if there are any places left. Mail me if you need the number or it may be in the mag. smile.gif




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Robert and I are booked in for Class 2 along with Guy Rossler.


I have just spoken to Tony Evans at the circuit (tel: 07799 437824 or 01446 796460)and booked in for the track day on the Saturday. Open pit lane, £65 per car plus £15 per additional driver - what better value is there than this!!




Fun is not a straight line.

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My number is 01633 881837 if you want to ring me to book your place.


We still have places left on what looks like being another great club event. This is a great venue with easy motorway access, so dont miss out on the opportunity to be part of what looks like being a very popular and enjoyable weekend.



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I'll be there barabra teeth.gif .


I spoke to Tony last week when I at the circuit he said " we can do as many runs as we want ....till the cows come home or 6pm blush.gif!"


I was knackered after 6 runs at MIRA so goodness knows how I'll be at Llandow ....



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I'll be there on both Saturday (not booked yet) and on Sunday in Class 2. I don't think Barry H is doing this one so who will win the class?






confused.gifNew Competition Secretaryid=blue> confused.gif

cool.gif1700 Live Axle X/Flow, got the engine upgrade, got the new tyres, now got to lose some weight id=red> cool.gif


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I'm booked in.......I've been put in Class 2...is that because there isn't enough class 1 cars....if so come on guys.........


Tim glad you sneaked under 60secs....I wasn't far off with 60.15....Roll on Llandow......


I sound like a seasoned sprinter ...!!!!!!!!!

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confused.gifThere's no upper or lower limit of numbers for a class - never has beenconfused.gif There was only one in class 6 at MIRA.


Gordon, you should go in the class which suits your car spec and tyres according to the supplementary regulations, please make sure you are in the correct class.


Just for the record, awards are given - 1st place minimum of two competitors, 2nd place minimum of five and third place minimum of eight.





Edited by - Barbara Swift on 24 Jun 2002 15:01:48

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I've just checked your booking form and you have ticked Class 2, anyway you are now in Class 1.


There are now 6 of you in Class 1.


Come on who else is coming?

My phone hasnt been very busy today, although David Brown from Sheffield has phoned to book a place.


Dont forget this will be your last chance to compete at a Club Sprint this year if your Curborough 2 application has been unsuccessfull.


Geoff cool.gif

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ooops....I was never very good with numbers.......sorry.

Thanks for changing my entry.


come on guys get ya Vauxhall 8v's out and come sprinting. I had never done it before I entered MIRA...and it was Brilliant.....I admit I was ancious about my car being damaged...but everything was very well organised and you can set your own pace ie within your ability....don't worry about other competitors being quicker...it's you against the clock. I just set myself a target of doing better each time....



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