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Head work


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Ref 1600 X-Flow


No. 3 Exhaust valve not working properly.


Any ideas how much to fix?

An unleaded conversion at the same time?


Any recommended places to have the work done.


I live near Chelmsford, Essex.



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The cost of repair depends on exactly what is wrong, assuming the casting is sound and the guides in good order and that the damage is restricted to a burned seat / burned valve then the cost is likely to be fairly low for the actual machining and parts, as with all things you never know if you going to open a can of worms.If the guides are worn or other parts are unserviceable then the costs could soon mount up.


Conversion of the head to unleaded involves inserting the exhaust seats in the head, approximate cost £25-£30 per seat, the seats then have to be re-cut and the new inserts blended into the port, the seat cutting is usually part and parcel of the inserting but the blending (if reqd.) isnt. A replacement exhaust valve (should any be required) would be around £12-15 depending on source, this would put the remedial work at around £135 if one valve were replaced. Add to this the cost of head removal and stripping and then re-assembly together with gasket set.


Burtons will do a workmanlike job...



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